Video And Transfer Services

VHS, 8mm & Mini DV Tape Transfer$15

We will transfer up to 2 hours of video per tape to DVD. Bring in 10 or more and the price drops to $13 each.

8mm & 16mm Film Transfer$9.75 per 50ft.

Transfer your Regular & Super 8mm film to DVD. Super 8mm with sound is $1.50 more per 50 ft. We use the latest transfer equipment that captures the film from the surface to insure the best possible image is achieved.And we do it IN HOUSE!! We will not ship your precious memories anywhere like the other guys.

Slide Transfer (2000 dpi)$.50

Slides are transfered using special software that actually digitally cleans the surface. It take more time to do it this way, but the product is exceptional to all other methods. Insist on the best when it comes to your memories.

Physical Photos to Digital$.25

We will scan all of your photos and deliver them to you in a .jpeg format on a DVD. You will be able to print or turn them into whatever special thing you can think of. We can also create a slide show for you for an extra $.50 per picture. There is a $5.00 set up fee per order.

Audio Cassette or Reel to Reel to CD$15 or $20 respectively per 70 Minutes

Bring in you add memories and we will transfer them to CD so you can enjoy them for years to come. Tapes go bad, don't wait another minute. Have a home made vynil album, we can also transfer them for $15 per record.

DVD & CD DuplicationAs low as $1.75 depending on volume

Individual duplication starts at $8.00 each and goes down depending on the quantity. Prices include 2 lines of black print and a jewel case. Add $1.00 for color and graphics.

Event Videography$85 Per Hour

The Video Wizard specializes in event videography. Including:
  • Corporate events
  • Training Video
  • Website Vid
  • Realestate Tour Videos
  • Bar & Bat Mitzvahs
  • First Communion
  • Parties
  • Band Videos
  • School Plays
  • Dance Recitals
  • Sports Highlights

Video Editing$50 Per Hour

We will edit any video production or idea you have. Editing is cared by the hour and we will work with you to get your edit right.

Photo MontageStarting at $75

A picture montage is a combination of photos, songs title and even videos put together to create a memorable keepsake. These are great for wedding rehearsals, anniversaries, graduations & memorials.Pricing is calculated as follows: Photos are $1.25 per photo up to 100 and $1.00 for all addition photos. Music are $4.00 per song if you provide the music and an additional $1.50 if the song needs to be purchased. You will need 1 song for every 20 pictures. Titles are $4.00 per title and video is $8.00 per minute.

4K Drone Videography$150 Hour

We will capture you subject from the air. This type of video is great for any type of movie where you need dramatic and unusual shot of your subject.

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